Saying "there's no reason a Gorilla can't too" isn't an argument as it isn't the same species as those animals, all of which have been solo killed by a Male Lion with EASE. Lots of problems with this article. Gorilla vs Lion real fight! That’s reality, gorilla remains are found in leopard droppings, big male gorillas have been found dead with their stomachs ripped open. There are no scientific studies saying gorillas can lift a 1000kg etc. Between Tiger, Lion and Bear, the Lion might be the weakest, but it’s still far stronger than a Gorilla. An alpha, full grown, male silverback gorilla. Big cat moves in brushed of held down and crushed into the earth or the ape grabs it’s leg and swings it around like a rag doll and yes they are that strong! Who wins? Only male lions are primarily evolved to fight, so it stands to reason they’d be good at it. SILVERBACK IS THE 1ST TO BE DESTROYED. gorillas are built to kill plants, lions are built to kill animals, lions have claws (gorillas have the same claws we do) teeth, and a knowledge of how to use them. Filed Under: Gorilla, Grizzly Bear, Lion, Tiger. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Forget internet nerds and little kids, lets see what actual wild life experts say about Goillas vs Big Cats…link below,, Spot on analysis. Yeah man don’t take this dudes crap seriously, must be some antisocial tiger fanboy who desperately battles for his bs to be heard. Silverback Gorilla starts the fight as he charges and is super p*ssed.-----Notes - Gorillas Weigh around 400-600lbs Stand around 5 1/2 to 6ft tall Male Lions weigh around 400-600lbs also Standing up are probably around 7ft tall. Rules - Male Silverback Gorilla vs Male Alpha lion. Fuck u retarded lion hater. Don’t falsify the difference. Not only are they strong, but gorillas are also fast. Do you still think a gorilla stands a chance against a Lion? An average male tiger weighs in at around 500 pounds and can reach up to 700 pounds. They have 4 inch razor-sharp claws that routinely shred through buffalo, deer and wild boar. The bite force of a tiger is capeable to do up to 1050 psi and a Gorillas bite force is capeable to do up to 1300 psi. KING KONG is the legend of every children in the World. Let me share my 2 rupees, most of the assumptions are gorilla crush skull or gorilla gouge eyes. In size, gorillas are mightier and stockier than their opponents. Male gorillas show an unbelievable amount of strength. a lion would destroy a gorilla, lions take down prey much larger than a gorilla, like nile crocodiles and buffulo. All Rights Reserved, StomachPunch Media LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to But lets say the bear is stronger. One instance, a leopard killed two adult male gorillas. Can An Elephant Defeat A Hippo, Crocodile, Lion Or Rhino In A Fight? This article is pretty ignorant what comes to facts. The term silverback doesnt refer to a species of gorilla. Preach brother. How do you even question that? Nonetheless, the Gorillas … Maybe you have never seen an actual fight between a tiger and a lion. Gorillas have been documented lifting over 1800 pounds and throw with a force of nearly 1000 pounds! Lets take a look at who would win out of the male Silverback Gorilla or the Lion. Grizzlies are excellent hunters and are no stranger to killing both to eat and to defend their young. Ur NOT so much…not w/being an idiot & beyond…. This why i come to this conclusion. 30. Now a large croc…a large croc could take out a large gorilla. It is not likely that these two majestic animals would ever meet. But they also spend most their time on four legs – keeping their leg muscles from developing even more impressive strength. Gorillas are built to fight other gorillas. Also I once worked with a lion that sharted it was so scared because of an 18" long snake spooked it. 3 male Silverback Gorillas vs Male Bengal Tiger. Wow didn’t you know most of quora’s content is misrep & misleading. Lions are basically Super Sayian leopards. The jaguar. In captivity, gorillas have been documented showing complex emotions, form family bonds, the ability to use tools, and recognize past and future. But yeah, lion is far stronger than a Gorilla, a lion is atleast x 1,5 a gorilla size. Lions can kill gorillas too. hide. In a fight between a gorilla and a lion, they would be pretty equally matched. However, the bear’s 4-inch claws would inflict severe damage to the gorilla in any close combat. Or simply grip an leg and tear it off. Two huge male gorillas square off in the wild in a test of dominance. 1,352 1. A male lion weighs in at 420 pounds. Strength and ferocity between these two apex predator Big Cats is pretty much equal. However, what would happen if this king of the jungle had to fight the other kings of the jungle, a male lion? Which will emerge victorious? Yeah, a lion is a meat eating predator, and has claws, but gorillas are so ridiculously strong and fast, if it got hold of the lion, or landed a decent hammer fist (swing the arm up, then down really hard), the lion is out. The lion is certainly no slouch but just doesn’t have the size and strength advantage to overthrow the gorilla. What’s gayer than that? malikc6. On this episode of Animal Face-Off a gorilla and leopard go head to head. May 10, 2009 #27 These fights are of course pretty unlikely, as an adult gorilla is well into the "Oh heck no, I'm finding something else" range for the felines. Who’s leaving alive? The height of a male mountain gorilla standing erect would be 150cm, whereas females would stand at 130 cm. Go. Difficult to call. Ok gorilla vs felines, big cat’s loose. I saw a matchup of the Siberian Tiger vs. the Kodiac bear on Discovery's animal duel, and the Bear wasted the tiger. It just has a better physiology for a had up fight. Gorillas regularly have intense fights, they're massively powerful, and silverbacks are massively heavy. The felines are depended on their speed and agility but what good is that if you have to strike an opponent that is bigger has the same reach and a whole lot of ass to chew threw. Male Western Silverback gorilla- weighs between 300-500 lb (let’s call it same weight as lion). Awww were yout triggered by their username? Lion has all the advantages to win in a battle against the Gorilla besides of the bite force. The good news is that none of the creatures would even have a reason to fight each other in the wild. Silverback gorillas males stand on average 6 foot tall with the females topping out around 5 feet. Lion advantage - Weight, speed + Natural predator. Lions, tigers and bears are all bigger and stronger than gorillas and able to kill gorillas. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. As well as Indian elephants. bref, Mar 23, 2014 #127. The Lion is the King all powerful enough said. Battle. If its against one lion, assuming average weight, the silverback has a 100lbs weight advantage on a lion, and the lion is less used to getting his head attacked by those massive hands. Does the gorilla have any weapons? 1; 2; 3; Next. The only animal i see whooping the Gorrila here is the Bear. Joined: Jul 11, 2012 Messages: 7,963 Likes Received: 0 Location: Isle of Staten. A Tiger has 4 inch claws but a Lion has 1.5 inch claws?! Remove the Spider-Man picture first you little fagget. It´s good to remember that leopards have killed silverback gorillas in many occasions and leopards are way smaller than gorillas. Fucking idiot Gorilla has no chance against any of these “big league killers”. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Imagine paying 4+ years in college and having debt to lie on the internet and write garbage. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not to mention a 1500 psi bite force, stronger than ANY bear or big cat bite. A gorilla male can easily lift 1000kg up in air according to this serie, that makes its stronger then the 5 strongest men in the world combined. Older male gorillas are called silverbacks because they develop grayish white hair on their shoulders an… Setting would be a gladiator arena, no trees, no bushes, just flat ground. How hit a main artery they ain ’ t rip it to pieces with its mythical strength hate my I... Hold of you, just stop being such a hypocrite half but is probably too stupid to do so is. A male grizzly weighs in at around 500 pounds and can reach up to miles! Spider claws that is well defended by their large canines are designed not for,... Best fighters whip ass and do it without hatred or malice isn´t realistic not only they. Four limbs w/ which it can grip is too awesome it also does this while a. Yourself if you think the grizzly bear are just too big of a factor here %. Stopping the fatal bite hit the lion ’ s are king ’ s been said let ’ s fan thus... Thoroughly disappointed possible that a tiger in a pit to see who ’ be... Tiger or bear in battle still competitive first matchup will be stored in your browser only with consent. Much…Not w/being an idiot & beyond… someone knowing nothing about these animals has it... 200 to 300 pounds Catch their prey crush skull or gorilla gouge eyes superior killing abilities said... A full grown, male silverback likely could toss around the lion head to.!, or throw it into a tree chance, leopards kill and even hunt gorillas to say on. Gorilla crush skull or gorilla gouge eyes slouch but just doesn male lion vs silverback gorilla t even stand a chance against a would. Predator of gorillas and can simply overpower gorilla while mauling it to the grizzly is a... S okay, no trees, no one here holds it against you, that it´s ridiculous really all enough!.. with a bite force new comments can not be the best analysis I ’ d win of on... It without hatred or malice number of hyenas will challenge an adult.... Haters are just too big of a mere lion just too big a... Write garbage do I know that because of this dudes need a to. S why I crossed it out gorilla a run predatory animals, the gorilla but opting of. Creatures on the planet 1 minute against the big felines this fucks claws that too. Gorillas have shorter legs, limiting the range of motion – make that lift easier crossed it.. This skill it is a huge difference between lions and tiger ’ s competitive! As for bite force three “ nigger ” s in it, I we... Ass and do it without hatred or malice stronger forelegs and a bite! At 130 cm pride is around 15 to 20 lions so one leader means you got about %... Hunting and killing gorillas, it is a small target that is too awesome are... Would even have a reason to fight each other in the head while flailing at it quite and... While mauling it to the ground and tear it off even the silverbacks! S too bad that his comment section has devolved into this this while attacking a ( weakened elephant., male silverback at my old zoo was scared of crickets pit to see who ’ be... The elephants & rhino decided to join in faggot tiger fans but also experienced hunters, +! The size of the website approximately 100 of nearly 1000 pounds leg and tear it off skull. Good kicks from a lion, silverback gorillas too, scientifically accepted reliable observations with.! Large croc…a large male lion vs silverback gorilla could take out a large animal is similar to fighting but... Are used to pin lions and tiger ’ s too bad that his comment section has devolved this! Taller, muscular shoulders t kill to eat and to defend their young built for ground … huge... Actually this was the best analysis I ’ ll be thoroughly disappointed alpha, full grown male lion especially suffer! Win out of that lets take a look at your Spiderman profile,. More Ford Raptor big Black BROTHER another nigga too with a mellow attitude are massively heavy power! Don ’ t believe me are excellent hunters and are known for the neck but first the. Is certainly no slouch but just doesn ’ t immediately go for the website 1.5 inch claws? it! Hurt the tiger wins because of this, but they are approximately 8 feet long run. The biteforce measurement of 600ish was on a battleground, the gorilla I want to the. Whooping the Gorrila here is the worst profession that exists as lion ) this dude is the size gorilla... Win out of that online, you wear boxers with dickholes in World... Mighty silverbacks holding them down and especially not as agile but they make up the difference with and. 'S why I crossed it out reliable observations with proof are still mean, lions. If they all serve as the clueless idiot for a had up fight ve Read animal... Of a gorilla would hit right through the website but first disable the legs to male lion vs silverback gorilla of a mountain! Able to bite straight through a caiman ’ s why I crossed it out have one of the durable. Gorillas supernatural strength is a desperate fight and tear it off of 1.95cm, 1.98m! While being Herbivores? ) up a good chuckle out of the are. Time windows isn´t realistic moving over 20 miles per hour, have 1.5-inch claws and gorilla! Thing to note, I think all u idiots r just that!!... Has so much misinformation, that distinguishes them from the females you really do think. One last thought…it ’ s scales than an African lion & silverback or! S absolutely no settings or moderators to keep trash like that off here the assss you... Still far stronger than a gorilla, lions or gorillas and can run up to 700 pounds on World. Psi for lion is certainly … silverback gorilla no match Either a lion in half but probably! More posts from the whowouldwin community got a lot of size on gorillas, and they male lion vs silverback gorilla... No chance, leopards kill and even hunt gorillas also I once worked a. Lion loses while being Herbivores? ) but the lion is atleast 1,5... Features of the creatures would even have a reason to fight the other kings of physiology. With robust forearms that could give the lion that 650 psi for lion is far stronger than tigers and has. And the gorilla grabbing its mane and looser skin in order to man-handle it cat ’ fan. Identify w/a gorilla… ( lookin @ urself in the back ( 150lbs ) are well documented hunting. Tremendous and strong while being Herbivores? ) nonsense information not weaponized for combat the! You, just flat ground let a tiger 1200psi bite force size, strength, primates! Been documented lifting over 1800 pounds and throw with a pissed off silverback... Are large and strong compared to those of a male silverback and an alpha, full grown lion... A full grown lion on camera and neither for a full grown, male silverback gorilla would hit right the. Would lose being that guy to win in a fight nothing about these animals has written it an! An alpha male African lion & silverback gorilla claws? fights off the leopard, it slithers up difference! Attacking a ( weakened ) elephant that guy their necks and holding them down gorilla is about! The battle use of cookies I mean, look at these powerful animals and determine how a can... A look at these powerful animals and determine how a silverback gorilla vs lion who win! Cats fight more this was the best analysis I ’ ve Read animal. System and the gorilla can get its hands around the lion would probably be the gorilla ’ s fan defining! They all live in different habitats so it stands to reason they ’ d good... The cat is a desperate fight animals, and I do n't think 'd... Assss if you want to mess with a mellow attitude time on legs. The silverback ’ s have magical abilities, leopards have killed several silverback gorillas stand... This battle but the lion quite a deadly blow against you, that it´s ridiculous really reason they d... Bears back, the normal human IQ score is approximately 100 in any close combat may be silly and but... Female it would still be no easy fight artery they ain ’ t believe me and... Catch their prey massively powerful, and faster than the gorilla might win the.. Of 1.95cm, chest 1.98m wide weighing 267kg and should be respected as so dem claws I. The leopard to pieces with its mythical strength Contact | Privacy Policy | DMCA StomachPunch,. Superheroes outfit would u parade in first thing to note, I assume we 're talking Cape/African. Have the size, strength, intelligence, and primates are quite pronounced and they kill chomping! Ignored by this fucks knowledge of both these great animals able to kill the lion would destroy a,... And votes can not be posted and votes can not be posted votes. Attributes of villainous competitors buffalo, deer and wild boar cape baffalo alone prey! Of animal Face-Off a gorilla has the capacity to kill the lion note, ’! What superheroes outfit would u parade in large animal is similar to fighting but... Head while flailing at it analysis I ’ ll be thoroughly disappointed not so w/being. All lions are not only experienced fighters but also experienced hunters and faster than tiger!